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Trauma-Free Life-Story

Did you know that trauma doesn't have to include huge amounts of drama, voluminous voices, harsh words and violence?

Trauma can be as quiet as a mouse, stillness, regret. It can be as silent as a shadow, that leaves coolness on your skin wherever it blocks the sunlight out.

Trauma is many many things, so many shapes, sizes, forms and reasons. It's a formidable foe, and it can rob you of the fullness of life.

For most of my life I allowed my trauma to infiltrate every aspect of my joy. It was there and ever present, at weddings, dinner parties, even sometimes in the middle of a nice warm hug - up it would pop! "Hey there! It's me - good ole'Trauma! Remember when you were hauled up in front of the entire school and mocked for wearing the wrong earrings... when you'd worn them every day for 5 years without a single word against them? Yeah! That! Now SOAK IT ALL UP"

What a chop that Trauma is.

That's why I love removing Trauma's strength... overwriting those harsh memories and creating warm, inviting and comforting ones to cover over them!

If this sounds like something you'd like to do... talk to me.

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