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Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Sessions 

  1. Tap on the therapy tile below to go to the relevant information page.

  2. We use Halaxy Booking Software for all bookings, sms or call 0422548770 for assistance. 

  3. Quit Smoking - Please book both sessions upfront. Payment is only deducted during the Hypno session. 

  4. For any other type of Hypnotherapy, you can write your needs during the booking process, please choose option 01 in Halaxy and choose from the in-clinic or zoom menus.

  5. Fill out the Halaxy Client History Form that you will receive. 

  6. You will receive booking confirmation via email and SMS. 

  7. You will receive automatic reminders via email and SMS.


We offer discounted hypnotherapy / hypnosis and psychotherapy options, including but not limited to:

Weight Control, Procrastination, Anxiety, Relationships, Confidence Building, Self-Improvement, Addiction, Transformational coaching and Past Life Regression Therapy.


We offer affordable Quit Smoking and Addiction Support Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy. 


This is the FULL Quit Smoking Program,

don't start this process without committing yourself to the A & B,

two weekly, and two fortnightly sessions. 

Quit Smoking A

Initial 2hr session

Initial Consultation. Building a detailed client history, using talk therapy, CBT and NLP to assist with a positive Quit Smoking experience, followed by the first Quit Smoking Hypnosis. This session includes a powerful triple Hypnosis that gives the client a greater chance of success with their decision to quit smoking. The second appointment must be within a week of the initial consult.


Quit Smoking B

Second 1hr session

Quitting an addiction is no easy task, promises of a quick fix are just not true, we work together to find the root causes of the smoking addiction, and remove the subconscious reasons for smoking. It is a raw and honest healing experience. If you are ready for real lasting change, then book now.  "However, it seems that hypnosis is among the most effective methods to stop smoking naturally" In 2007, an American study showed that hypnosis was 3 times as effective as patches to quit smoking. Having the ongoing support of a therapist, along with powerful subconscious hypnotic suggestions gives the client their best shot at doing what they want to do regarding their addiction relief.

Follow Up - 2 x Weekly Sessions

Book two weekly sessions within a week of the Quit Smoking B session. 

Follow Up - 2 x Fortnightly Sessions

Book two fortnightly sessions a fortnight after the second weekly follow up session. 


**ALL Quit Smoking Clients are STRONGLY urged to take up the Year of Change, or the Intensive Change fortnightly commitments. Long last neurological change, takes time, and along the way my QS clients have MAJOR breakthrough in other areas of their lives! 

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