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Proudly Central Coast & New South Wales

CLASS of 2024
We are changing our course format. To get in line please email us! 

“I would like to acknowledge that this Clinic is built on the traditional lands of the Darkinjung nation, Gurungai to the South and Awabakal to the North, and pay my respect to Elders both past, present & emerging.”

*Only Registered Students will have password access to the Student Portal.


Potential Student!

Learning about:




Past Life Regression

Quit Smoking Support

Body Scans

Trauma Release



Pathfinding / Goal Setting

Medical Pain Management

Period Pain Relief

Weight Control

Birthing Support

Legalities and Practicalities

Child Hypnosis:




Night Terrors and more... 


Immerse yourself in 600+ hours of hands-on classes, self-studies, practical examinations, collaborative study sessions, stimulating assignments, and insightful assessments.


This course is tailor-made for novices eager to embark on a fulfilling career in Hypnotherapy, as well as seasoned therapists seeking to expand their therapeutic modalities. 


Our flexible payment options make it affordable for everyone, with installments spread throughout the course duration.


Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to become a skilled SHC Therapist, join the 2024 Class now and pave your way to success! 


Our #ClassOf2023 have had an incredible experience and have gone from strength to strength this year.


Seeing their confidence in themselves grow, has been an honour, and we are so excited for our #ClassOf2024 to arrive! 

Message us now or call us on 0422548770 for more information.

Are you a passionate and determined, hardworking and self-sufficient person?


Are you open to receiving and growing an incredible support network of friends and family, here at SHC with Axel Starviking?


Well then, your being here right now is a manifestation of our focused call to students who will be the right fit for this transformational and life changing course. 

Join the Class of 2024 and embark on a transformative journey!


Enjoy your year of change with Clinical hypnotherapist, professional psychotherapist, addictions counsellor, transformational author, podcaster, guest-speaker and international event host Axel Starviking as your Mentor, Transformational Coach and Class Teacher. 


Enrollment is open for our upcoming classes that start in January/February 2024, and graduate by December 2024/January 2025.


The Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Course goes above and beyond expectations, we offer a Counselling Course within the Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Certificate, with a strong focus on Addiction Support.


Dive into a wealth of resources with our inclusive 600+ page Study Guide, available on Amazon or via us directly. We cover 25 Hypnosis scripts included in the book, deep diving into each script. 


We have only followed internationally accepted best practices within each chapter of the book, and we use our collective understanding, and ability to conduct our own searches online, to enhance our fact-finding missions during class discussion.


Each class is a treasure trove of new findings and personal breakthrough.


Our purpose is to help you on your journey, to becoming a determined, self-reliant, and able Hypnotherapist. 



You've been looking for something like this, and we believe that you're here for a reason, perhaps it's time to unleash your potential with this life changing course.


We are based on the beautiful Upper Central Coast of NSW, but our classes are online and available to anyone who has a mobile phone with an internet connection. 

In this experiential course, not only will you experience each hypnosis in a deep and meaningful way, but you will also be encouraged to make positive and healthier life choices as well.


With small classes and personal attention, you will be given everything that you need in order to be the best that you can be, both professionally and personally.

Every step that you take alters the course of your life, and you deserve to live a life that echoes who you are intrinsically.


As you more clearly define yourself and your future desires, you will more likely be able to help as many people as possible in your lifetime.  

You do not have to pay the entire Course Fee upfront, payment is made in 43 installments, at each of the classes throughout the year (including the Q&A Onboarding and Practical Exams), making this an affordable solution to a Therapeutic Credential. 

Jump onboard now, and manifest incredible change in your life today. 


Based on a google search for “Hypnotherapy Course fees NSW” search showed that the average course fee in Australia for Hypnotherapy is $10995​, and the average Hypnotherapy course in Sydney costs $7990Up to 50 Students per class. 


  • Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Certificate.

  • Official letterhead detailed feedback letter for each Practical Exam. 

  • Letter of Completion - Counselling Course.

  • Principals Commendation Letter for Exceptional Work.


IICT Student Membership 

IICT Membership Acceptance

IICT Medical Insurance Acceptance

HALAXY Clinical Software Set Up

Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Certificate Janine Fitzgerald Example.png



To ensure increased attention for each learner.

 2025 onwards will see a maximum of 15 - 20 learners.


During each 10-week school term there will be 10 bi-weekly sessions,

which comprises of 54 sessions over 39 weeks, followed by Graduation.

These alternate Wednesday night & Saturday morning and, Friday night & Saturday morning.

School holidays are our vacations.


AAS&S: Assessments, Assignments, Self-Study & Study Buddies 320hrs

Clinical Set Up (legal & practical) 140hrs

Hypnotherapy In-Person Online Classes & Q&A 114hrs

Counselling In-Person Classes 30hrs

Practical Exams 10hrs

Total Hours 614hrs | 1 Year Course


 $100 ($200 per week during school terms)

Per session, plus Halaxy transaction and processing fees.*



Annual, plus Halaxy transaction and processing fees.*

*Halaxy processing fee is subject to slight increases out of our control. Halaxy is a payment processing service that is used to take payments. 

The service charges a maximum cost of 1.9% + $1 per transaction.


All Classes are online.

72 Elouera Ave, Buff Point, NSW 2262 

Clinic Number (SMS only) | 0422548770

Social Media | Starviking Hypnotherapy Clinic

Contact Email |

Transformational Life Coach Tile.png


Buff Point, New South Wales, Australia

SHC's Founder & Principal 


Hypnotherapist Clinic

Sessions booked via HALAXY, or telephonically SMS 0422548770


Diploma in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences
Diploma in Professional Psychotherapy
Diploma in Professional Addiction Counselling
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Diploma in Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Certified in Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR)
Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Certified in Gestalt Psychotherapy I
Certified in Medical Aspects of Hypnosis
Certified in Practitioner of DeTrauma Technique™ (PTSD)

Teaching Experience

​Past Teaching, Presentation, Development, & Assessment Experience 

24 Years

Experience teaching private after-hours Music Theory and Practical – Voice, Opera, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Music Production and running multiple choirs. Up to 50 pupils a week. From 100 - 600 choristers per week. 1998 - 2022 

15 years - of classroom teaching experience, Music - History, Theory and Practical and Drama – Theory and Practical, in Government and Private Schools. 800 – 1000 students per week, managing curriculum, course development, lesson delivery, marking and assessing students, running school choirs. 2000-2015

3 Years

Awarded a Government Business Agreement and Funding to research, write, produce, direct, and deliver educational Road Shows to schools in South Africa. I personally, with my small team, educated over 1 million Children through (Road Safety – observance, obeyance and responsibility, Bullying – behaviour moderation and conflict resolution, Body Positivity – nutrition and exercise protocols, Child Trafficking – awareness and self-protection measures and Science – fundamentals and practical applications of multiple scientific scenarios and their outcomes) Road shows. 2008 - 2011

3 Years

Theatrical Show Director, Producer and Playwright. Produced a number of family centred musicals and pantomimes, catering to 11 official languages/culture groups. Responsible for researching and writing all scripts, directing all cast members, producing each show and in most cases hosting the show on stage. With the team, I dealt with up to 160+ audience members daily for up to 6 weeks at a time. 2012-2015

4 years

Once in Australia, I ran an Arts, Culture and Entertainment Company, hosted events on the Central Coast, and worked in the creative industry. Running 3 choirs per week, 2 drumming clubs, music students, I wrote, performed, and produced 4 electronic rock opera albums. For Terrigal, I am one of the 5 Land Leaders and a Steering Committee member for the 5 Lands Walk - the biggest multicultural event in NSW. I am on the Board of Directors of the Coastal Towns Business Chamber representing Complementary Therapists to local businesses, local government, and parliament, I host a Business Podcast for the CTBC, I am the Mental Health Radio DJ Wednesday mornings on Central Coast Radio, and I run my Hypnotherapy clinic in Buff Point and online. 2016 - 2022

1.5 Years

Radio DJ for Central Coast Radio, Self Improvement and Mental Health Support Show, Sixty 2hr Episodes. 2022 - 2023

Study & Clinical Hours

7-day - Intensive Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences. 2020 

2062 Hours - Diploma in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences with Hypnotherapy Training Australia (Practical Experience and Theory/Classes) 2020-2021

10 hours - Head of Student Mentoring for my graduating Hypnotherapy School, offering educational and emotional support and guidance to new and existing students. 10 monthly 1hr sessions. 2021-2022

96 – 100 hours - of Study Group / Practicing Clinical Therapy. I ran this Study Group. 2020-2021

36 hours - Clinical time with Students from my graduating Hypnotherapy School as one of the ‘HTA Recommended Therapists’. 2021

84 hours - of Mental Health Podcast Radio Show on Central Coast Radio. 2022-2023

529+ hours - of Clinical time with Clients (commencing May 2021 – lowered attendance occurred for a month or two due to 2021 lockdown, as most clients preferred to come to the clinic, attendance then slowed for a month or two in 2022 due to the widespread NSW flooding for the same reason). 2021-2023

(calculated 07/08/2023)

110 hours - Ongoing study: First Aid Training Certificate, Diploma in Addiction Counselling, Diploma in Professional Psychotherapy, Certificate in EMDR Therapy, Certificate in NLP, Certificate in Gestalt Year 1. 

Study currently in progress: EFT Diploma, Qigong Movement Certificate, Gestalt Therapy Certificate, NLP Diploma. 2022 - ongoing

16 months - of weekly (3 – 20 hours per week) development and self-guided learning to formulate my own Diploma Course. Estimated to be over 35,000 words in the Student Guide by completion. 2022-2023


Onboarding / Q&A
Counselling I
Counselling II
Counselling III
Counselling IV
Prac Exam: Counselling
Prac Exam: Anxiety

Quit Smoking I
Quit Smoking II
Prac Exam: Quit Smoking
Past Life Regression I
Past Life Regression II
Prac Exam: Past Life Regression
Scripts Book I: PMR & The Clearing
Scripts Book II: Full Body Scan & The Train 
Scripts Book III: UV Release & Awakening Self
Scripts Book IV: Weight Control & Procrastination
Scripts Book V: Goal Setting & Boundaries

Scripts Book VI: Pain management & Period Pain 
Scripts Book VII: Natural Birth Support & Children's Hypnosis
Prac Exam: Scripts Book
Legalities & Group Discussion
Practicalities & Group Discussion
Graduation Ceremony 

Referral Letters
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