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Quit Smoking Now


You have spent enough time, money and health on your smoking habit. It's time to quit and set yourself free. With the right attitude this is your best chance at removing smoking from your life! You will never regret it. 

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Healing Circles


For private gatherings, events, in-home events, support groups and community groups. Experience the power of a group Anxiety Release hypnosis. Create a safe space for growth, healing and friendship.

  • Quotation for the number of attendees will be provided. 

  • $30 per person minimum 10 attendees. Maximum 15 attendees.

  • $35 per person if a Card Draw is included, minimum 10 attendees, maximum 15 attendees. 

I am trained in The Marilyn Newman Method, via Hypnotherapy Training Australia's Intensive Certificate of Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, and Diploma of Clinical Hypnotic Sciences. 

Understanding that all Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis, is key to success - that, and knowing that you are the one brave enough to tackle issues that plague you.  The role of the Hypnotherapist, is to guide you, assist you, and remind you that you are safe, protected and supported on your journey on inner healing. An important part of the journey, is listening daily, to the recordings given to you. 28 days of repeated listening brings about deep and lasting change. 


“Many people are guarded,” said the therapist, who has been practicing hypnotherapy for 25 years. “They’re not sure about hypnotherapy or about me. But after they hear this with their conscious minds and can have it in the comfort of their own homes, then the repetition reinforces the positive messages.”

- Mark Hall, a licensed clinical therapist at Good Samaritan OHS

Many clients come into their first session expecting a "show" format, or a Dr Phil session! They also expect to "Go Under" which is not always the case! Hypnotherapy and the different Modalities used by the Hypnotherapist, can be done while you feel wide awake and an active part in the healing process. All you need, is an imagination, a willing heart, and a real desire to see positive and long lasting change in your life. YOU are the key to your own healing. All we offer is the knowledge, skill and guidance that you need to get you to where you want to be. 

"Nine out of 10 people are unaware of how cognitive hypnotherapy is,"  he explains. "They just see the Paul McKenna (Hypnotist) stage shows." - Aaron Surtees (BSc Hons Psy. Dip.Hyp.)

Starviking Hypnotherapy Clinic is situated in Studio 1, a welcoming space that is filled each week with laughter, music and creativity! 

International Multipotentialite Sandy Starviking completed their Intensive Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences in 2020, and will complete their Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy in March/April of 2021. Sandy is also an International Mezzo Soprano and Music Producer. 

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01 Anxiety Reduction & Relief 

Sandy uses various Hypnosis scripts, combining and blending them to create the subconscious journey you need to take. Using Body Psychotherapy, their ever growing Hypnotherapy Toolbox, Historical Regression, some Gestalt methods and other Modalities, Sandy works alongside you to bring healing to areas of your life that are no longer serving you. 

"Your subconscious is where your emotions, habits and addictions are located, Friedmutter says. And because hypnotherapy address the subconscious—instead of just the conscious—it may be more effective. In fact, a study analysis from 1970 found hypnosis to have a 93 percent success rate, with fewer sessions needed than both psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. “This led researchers to believe that, for changing habits, thought patterns, and behavior, hypnosis was the most effective method,” Taken from: Subsconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted by Kimberly Friedmutter, hypnotherapist and author.​

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02 Past Life Regression 

Sandy uses Past Life Regression to bring healing and closure, to many underlying issues that have no clear answers. Past Life can refer to any moment leading up to the present moment. Utilising a combination of Modalities, not only Hypnosis, the session is an incredible exploration of the subconscious - uncovering the unknown and empowering the client.

"Past life regression is a technique that attempts to use hypnosis in order to recover memories from previous lives. According to past life regression therapists, many mental health issues that patients experience may have their origins in traumatic experiences of past lives." Taken from: Is past life regression therapy ethical? - NCBI - NIH www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › pmc › articles › PMC5797677 


03 Reboot & Refresh: Feel Good Session

Sandy uses a combination of Hypnosis techniques to bring you to a space of calm, safe and supported refreshing. Enjoy happy memories, positive experiences and remember your own inbuilt strengths and abilities. Leave the session feeling Rebooted and Refreshed and feeling good!  

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04 Quit Smoking A - Initial Consult

05 Quit Smoking B - 2nd to 8th Sessions

Sandy believes that the journey to freedom from Smoking, or any addiction, takes time. There are no "Quick Fixes" or "60 Minutes to be Smoke Free" There needs to be a long term vision and understanding - that the underlying reasons for the addiction lie buried in the subconscious mind. Working as a team, you are able to uncover, forgive and heal all of the trauma and decisions that you've made along that way, that have enabled and nourished that addiction. 6 - 8 weeks of regular sessions will send you on your way, empowered and able to make healthier choices when faced with the triggers that previously made you smoke. The power to choose is given back to you. You choose. The addiction doesn't choose for you. 

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​06 IBS | Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief

Most people with IBS experience worse or more-frequent signs and symptoms during periods of increased stress. And Anxiety and stress have been shown to increase motility and sensation of the colon to a greater degree in IBS patients compared to healthy individuals. Sandy uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to work out a way forward, that will help you reduce and relieve those symptoms. Sourcing the triggers, and establishing ways to help yourself daily. 

"How are anxiety and IBS related?
The mind and the gut are intertwined in what scientists call the gut-brain axis, a 2-way signalling system between your brain and your gut — and it’s probably why anxiety and IBS are linked.

In the gut-brain axis, our thoughts, feelings, and environment lead to a release of chemicals that affect different processes in our bodies. With IBS and anxiety, the theory is that when you feel anxious, your body releases stress-related chemicals to your gut that can make it more sensitive and inflamed, which ultimately lead to abdominal pain, a change in your gut bacteria, and abnormal bowel movements.
In the other direction, a poorly functioning gut has been linked to mental health problems. This is because our brain depends on chemicals and hormones that are made by the bacteria in our gut. In fact, over 90% of our serotonin is made in our gut! Serotonin is an important chemical that controls our mood and helps control our anxiety levels. Mental health problems can occur when there is too much or too little in the body." Taken from: Anxiety and IBS: Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Hope Chang, PharmD, AAHIVP

"According to an article published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology , having IBS results in disturbances in the balance between your brain and gut. The result is that stress and anxiety sometimes trigger overactivity of your gut. This causes the diarrhoea and stomach churning that those with IBS know well."
(Taken from: How Stress and Anxiety Can Aggravate IBS Symptoms www.healthline.com › health › ibs-c › stress-and-anxiety) 

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07 Weight Reduction Assistance

Weight gain is a complex and profound situation to deal with, Hypnosis has been shown to proved an edge over other weight loss methods, but it is important to understand that it will take a lot of work, self reflection, self love and healing to overcome it. With strong subconscious suggestion, you will be empowered to make better decisions daily. And with a course of action, involving monthly visits for new hypnosis scripts - you will be giving yourself the best chance at creating the lifestyle that you dream of. 

"Forms of this alternative therapy have been used since the 1700s to help people with anything from bed-wetting to nail-biting to smoking. Research on hypnosis has also shown some promise for treating obesity. Hypnosis may be more effective than diet and exercise alone for people looking to lose weight. The idea is that the mind can be influenced to change habits like overeating." Taken from: Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss: Does It Work? by Ashley Marcin and Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph.D., CRNP

It is important to note that Weightloss Hypnotherapy, works best in conjunction with a healthier diet, and exercise. Hypnotic suggestion can help with the motivation needed to pursue and maintain these two things. 

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08  General Hypnotherapy Session (General Wellbeing)

Using our thorough Client History Form, Sandy uses talk and discernment to pilot a way forward for your personal therapy. If you feel generally unhappy or in pain, with no clear reason - this is a great initial stopping point for you. ​

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09 Social Anxiety & Confidence Building



Social Anxiety is at the root of so much daily fear, worry and stress. In this modern age, there can be enormous pressure to connect, show up, participate and add value to - school parent meetings, office meetings, interviews for new work, answering phone calls, replying to messages. The list is endless. 

"Social anxiety disorder can prevent sufferers from living their lives to the fullest. This is because they’ll try everything just to avoid social situations that other people consider normal and part of life. The sufferers of social anxiety disorder are baffled at how other people can handle these situations easily." by Dennis Relojo-Howell, https://www.psychreg.org/social-anxiety-disorder/

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10 Social Media Anxiety (Entrepreneurs)


Social Media is a necessary evil. In order to be seen in business, you need to be actively creating interesting content, replying to comments and tags, following up on and closing leads and deals. Planning ahead and also fulfilling the job role that you have carved out for yourself. Work Fatigue, Anxiety, Stress, Burn Out, Fear and Worry are the main reason so many new businesses fail. 

"On sites such as Facebook, it is often expected that users will become friends with people that they know in real life. People with social anxiety may, therefore, have fewer connections or trouble meeting new people.​ Individuals with social anxiety who have low self-esteem may express themselves in ways that are not appealing to others, making others less drawn to connecting with them - - - Seeing all of the great things your Facebook or Twitter friends are posting about may make you feel left out or inadequate. Same thing for seeing how many "likes" or comments others get on their posts compared to your own." - by  Arlin Cuncic https://www.verywellmind.com/social-network-use-and-social-anxiety-disorder-4117143

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