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Welcome to Axelion Tattoo - Buff Point NSW 

My Tattoo Studio will be opening March 12th with a Flash sale. My books will open Saturday 9th March for reservations.

Where Are We?
Axelion Tattoo is a fresh new tattoo studio based in Buff Point, Elouera Avenue. In the Starviking Hypno Clinic's Creative Support Services studio. Our creative space is a hygienic, air-conditioned studio, where we can co-create something special, to last a lifetime. 

Who Runs the Parlour?
Axelion is operated by experienced artist Axel Starviking. 

A Bit About Me:
I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Addictions Counsellor, Psychotherapist at Axel Starviking Hypnotherapist, President of the CTBC - Coastal Towns Business Chamber - Upper Central Coast, transformational self-help Author and Book Editor at Joan Olive Publishing, Face Painter / Body Art / SFX at Axel Arts - Creative Support Services. 
I am an encourager, a motivator and a good friend. Always available to chat if you need too. My clients become friends, and it's been that way since I started to work for myself part time in 1999, and since I launched my full time sole trader employment in 2008.
I am a multipotentialite or polymath, and have worked professionally in over 45 creative industries since 1998, working internationally and nationally.

Creative Work:
Fashion Design & Sew
Costume Design & Sew
Head-Dress Design & Build
Prop Design & Build 
Set Design & Build
Hair Dressing
Make Up
SFX (Special Effects Make Up)
Tattoo Artist 
Acrylic Painter (3D Realism / Exhibitor)
Graphite Artist
Digital Artist 
Vehicle Painter (Artwork)
Body Painter (Adult)
Face Painter (Adult and Child)
Chef (Touring Demonstrator)
Baker (Touring Demonstrator)
Guitarist (Folk)
Keyboard Player


Ukelele Player
Drummer (Djembe Coach)
Drummer (Traditional)
Classical Music Composer
Professional Singer
Operatic Singer
Classical Singer
Aria Antiche Singer (Award Winning)
Jazz Vocalist
Music Producer
Music Studio
Scriptwriter (Theatre)
Book Author
Book Publisher
Book Editor
Events Coordinator
Professional Events Host 
Theatre Producer 
Theatre Director 

Why I Love Tattoos:
The lion has been my personal totem for many years, I come from South Africa originally, and it has been a recurring theme in my personal empowerment journey. It reminds me to be tenacious and resilient! I also have two turtles, one on each hand, which remind me to keep going no matter what!

As a Therapist, I stand by the power of deliberate thought. I've changed the course of my life by changing my thoughts. I have well over 50 tattoos myself, and each one means something (if you've had a tattoo then you know what I mean) and I believe that when you have a tattoo on your body, it serves as a subconscious reminder. It's often referred to as “empowering imagery” and it acts like a powerful symbol, invoking those things within you, which could be courage, and inner strength for example.

By being aware of your tattoo, you tap into its energy, reinforcing what it stands for! ✨
I am looking forward to meeting new neighbours and friends!

~ Axel 🦁



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