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Valentine Yourself

While waiting for new clients to book in, I was just thinking about how long it took me to stop the negative self talk in my head, it was easily 38 years of my life!

I made a decision to stop myself in my tracks whenever I found my self doing it, and hug myself, I would say out loud "You are so precious Sandy! You are beautiful, and kind, and giving, you always look after those around you, you have a heart of gold! You are so cute! Your body is perfect as it is, with all of its lumps and bumps. You are loved. I love you!"

Sometimes I would catch myself being ugly to me in the middle of Coles... and yes. I would hug myself and say the nicest things I could think of about myself, to myself. Even with people watching.

It takes time my friends. It took me a solid year or more. But I don't trash talk myself anymore.

About 2 months ago, things were really tough for me. I was going through a lot! I caught myself trash talking me... just all of a sudden. And I went BAM! Hug and edify self! You know what? ...I got up, and I faced my situation like a BOSS and I overcame it and won.

Love yourselves. I believe in you!

If you want to get rid of trash talking you... talk to me.

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