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The Joy of Strangers

When Covid hit, one of the losses that I most keenly felt was the cessation of movies and theatre events. How I took for granted the joy of sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers, laughing at a common joke, or singing to a common tune.

I had the opportunity to go to see a show in Sydney, #Hamilton, and it was incredible. When the last note was sung, the audience (all wearing masks) jumper to their feet clapping and cheering, I burst into tears.

I realised the full weight of what that 2000 people had experienced over that last year and a bit. The loss, the fear, the distance between family members. Profound.

Never take your life for granted. Make that conscious choice to exist in the moment and live as best you can. If you feel sometimes, that the recurring Covid19 lockdowns, losses and fear are influencing your well-being... talk to me. I can help.


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