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Central Coast NSW: Axel's Unique Blend of Artistry and Education in Face Painting

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Axel isn't just any face painter; he's an artist with a heart and a teacher's spirit. Drawing from over two decades of experience as a Children's Theatre Director and a Music & Drama Teacher, Axel infuses every brushstroke with a blend of education, care, and artistic flair. His additional expertise as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist ensures that every session is not just visually delightful but also a soothing and enriching experience for every individual.

Key Highlights of Choosing Axel

Gentle on the Skin: With experience working with neurodivergent children, Axel takes skin sensitivities seriously. Proudly boasting a track record free from skin reactions, he opts for hypoallergenic Tag, Dowd, Fusion and Global paints that are water-activated – ensuring easy removal with just a wipe or a quick wash.

An Interactive Experience: Axel ensures that each child becomes an integral part of the painting process. From color discussions and counting strokes to sharing fun facts about the designs, he loves witnessing those sparkling moments of pride and joy in a child's eyes. And many do return, just for another delightful chat or another splash of color!

Personalized Artistry: Acknowledging the uniqueness in everyone, Axel ensures that no two designs are ever identical. Every artwork is customised, adjusting colors and styles to complement the individual's persona.

A Dual Delight: Want to add another layer of memory to your event? Combine Axel's face painting prowess with his photography skills, capturing those radiant smiles and artistic designs forever.

Whether you're planning a Children's Party, a Community Event, a Festive Celebration, an Adult Body Art session, or gearing up for Halloween, Axel promises a session where art meets education and fun. Every touch, every color, every design is a testament to Axel's commitment, respect, and passion.

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