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Central Coast NSW: The Art and Heart of Face Painting with a Touch of Education

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Have you ever wished for a face painting experience that goes beyond just color? With Axel's two-decade-long journey as a Children's Theatre Director and Music & Drama Teacher, he brings a sprinkle of education and a whole lot of care to every brushstroke. Plus, with Axel's expertise as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, he ensures a soothing and enriching experience for every individual.

Why Choose Axel's Services?

Sensitive Skin-Friendly - Axel has worked with many neurodivergent children, and he's proud to share that there hasn't been a single instance of skin reactions. He uses Tag, Dowd, Fusion and Global paints known for their hypoallergenic nature. And when it's time to switch looks? They're water-activated, making them a breeze to remove with a simple wipe or during bath time.

Interactive Fun - Every child becomes a part of the creative journey with Axel. They discuss colors, count strokes, and delve into fun facts about the chosen design. Axel adores those moments when a child's eyes light up with pride, feeling clever, cherished, and even a tad humorous. Don't be surprised if they come back for a chat and gleefully ask for "another one, please!"

Tailored to You - Everyone is wonderfully unique, and that's why no two designs crafted by Axel are the same. Each artwork evolves, with colors and styles flexing to mirror the individual's personality.

Combo Deal - Looking to make your event extra memorable? Pair face painting with photography under Axel's skilled hands and let the memories shine twice as bright.


Perfect for Children's Parties, Community Gatherings, Festive Events, Adult Body Art ventures, or that much-awaited Halloween bash. Every brushstroke Axel delivers is filled with respect, care, and a dash of educational fun.

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