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Q&A with Axel Starviking, Hypnotherapist and Transformational Author

What do you love most about your job?

For over two decades, the constant golden thread of complementary therapy has woven itself into every facet of my professional journey. As a sole trader, I've embarked on a diverse and interesting career, brimming with creative pursuits (and a lot of great stories to share!). My path has taken me across the globe, allowing me to engage with an array of cultures and individuals of varying abilities. Through these experiences, I've discovered a fulfilling avenue of work that not only fills me with immense joy but also stirs my excitement for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Standing at the forefront, alongside every new client, witnessing their incredible journey towards reclaiming their personal power is nothing short of an honor. Each step they take to regain what's rightfully theirs leaves me in awe. The human mind's resilience in the face of adversity never ceases to amaze me, and it's a constant source of inspiration in my work.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I kick-started my business journey at the age of 18, initially taking on music students and later assuming the role of Head of Music and Drama at both a public and private school in South Africa. Following that, I collaborated with the South African Government to introduce educational road shows to learners throughout my home state, and privately as well for a number of different subjects. I taught over 50,000 learners about the dangers of Human Trafficking as well. Over the years, I had the privilege of educating over 1 million students, both on the road and in traditional theaters.

My journey eventually led me to New South Wales, Australia, where I established my own show company, fostering the creation of many community choirs and drumming circles in different suburbs on the Central Coast, for a diverse range of communities, including youth, the disabled, and the elderly. Each week was a profound experience connecting with Country and its people.

When the pandemic swept the globe, I seized the opportunity to realize a personal dream—learning hypnosis. I embarked on a year-long diploma program, wholeheartedly dedicating my time and energy to its pursuit. I've now been running my clinic for a few years, expanding into creative support services, establishing my own school for hypnotic practices, and venturing into the world of publishing and authoring transformational books. Additionally, I'm actively engaged in two podcasts, the Quatro Podcast and I run the Coastal Towns Business Chamber's CTBC Business Motivation Podcast. As a board member with the Business Chamber, which won best Business Chamber in New South Wales 2023, I passionately advocate for micro-enterprises like mine and fellow therapists. My overarching aspiration is to touch as many lives as possible during my lifetime, helping individuals unleash their true potential.

Why should clients choose you?

My perspective is genuinely unique, shaped by my life experiences. After dedicating a year to studying hypnosis and then pouring another two years into crafting a comprehensive 600+ page book on the subject, including 25 successful hypnosis scripts, I've developed a profound understanding of the field. With more than 20 years of school teaching experience as well, where I counselled and assisted students, parents and co-workers, I feel that my insights into the possibilities and effectiveness of psychotherapy and hypnosis are especially deep. It's safe to say I've got a few tricks up my sleeve that can really make a difference!

Can you provide your services online or remotely?

I offer both In-Clinic and Zoom sessions, with two separate booking forms on my website.

What health-conscious changes have you made to keep your clients safe?

I monitor my health and take RAT tests regularly. I clean surfaces and spray after each client has left. I also wash bedding; cushion covers regularly as well. The clinical space is airy and large, with an air purifier / conditioner and I social distance by habit.

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