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The Grim Reaper

I once watched the most endearing short film on YouTube, called "The Life of Death" by Marsha Onderstijn. It moved me to tears, and my children also.

I think we all have a certain respect for death, I know I do. But sometimes respect can involve fear. I made the decision then, to no longer be afraid of death. Even when facing a scary situation, like taking off in a plane, or walking along a cliff edge on a walk. Before this choice, I would feel light headed, afraid, I'd send up a hastily composed prayer of penance, regret, requests.

Once I made the choice to no longer fear death (and all that I am unable to control in my life) it changed me, fundamentally. I was more... air-punching and saying Whoo-Hoo! Instead of shaking in my Kmart sneakers!

Small changes like this, are the key to an unfettered life. If you would like to work out what you can safely let go of? to me.

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