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Changing The Way You Speak to YOU

Coming from a sometimes difficult home life and upbringing, my inner monologue was not a healthy one.

I spoke so badly to myself and of myself, all inside my head. I thought it was normal to come down so hard on myself for the smallest mistake.

Changing the way I spoke to ME was one of the biggest (and slowest! It took years!) changes I've made... And it's set me free.

I started by simply hugging myself whenever I'd start with the negative self talk. I did something meaningful to me and got a tattoo with private symbolism, reminding me to love myself, and to exist within the moment, to be happy where I was and how I was at each point in time.

I found that I moved from a place of self hate, to a place of self love. And it's a daily decision to do this. I hope that I'm able to help people walk into a place of self love and positive affirmative self talk.

If you struggle with this, please get in touch

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