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Axel Star-Viking's Unique Djembe & Percussion Experiences

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Amplify the atmosphere of your events, from vivacious Kids' Parties and lively Community Festivals to intimate House Parties and grand End-of-Year Celebrations. Let Axel Star-Viking's expertise in Djembe drumming and percussion guide the rhythm of your gathering, turning any event into a musical masterpiece. With a rich history spanning over a decade, Axel, both solo and in collaboration with The Rhythm Hut, has turned countless events from Sydney to Newcastle into rhythmic extravaganzas.

Key Offerings from Axel

Educational Djembe & Percussion Circle (90-Minutes) - A tailored experience designed for groups of 10, offering attendees a unique learning journey.

Meditational Drum & Percussion Circle (60-Minutes) - An introspective session promising profound relaxation through rhythm.

Pre-School Drumming & Percussion Circle - Crafted specially for the eager minds and nimble fingers of our youngest enthusiasts.

Christmas Drumming Special - Embark on a festive journey with carols from diverse cultures and traditions around the world.

Crafting the Experience

Catering to Groups - Axel's sessions can accommodate up to 30 participants, ensuring inclusivity.

Instruments at Ready - 15 beautifully crafted Djembe drums in assorted sizes are at your disposal, alongside a collection of over 30 global percussion instruments.

Setting the Musical Ambience - Axel pairs drumming with Putumayo's eclectic track list, offering tunes ranging from the lively beats of Samba and Bossa Nova to the chill vibes of Reggae.

The Axel Advantage

Cultivate Connection - Axel's sessions are not mere musical events; they're an opportunity to bond, encouraging deep-rooted teamwork and unity.

Therapeutic Vibes - Experience the therapeutic power of drumming, a proven release of those feel-good endorphins.

Holistic Wellbeing - Engaging both mind and body, Axel's drumming circles promote a complete sense of mental and physical wellness.

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