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You are Miles from Where You Should Be

GOAL SETTING - Being neurodivergent and recently diagnosed with ADHD, I intimately understand the challenges of having grand dreams but lacking a concrete plan to achieve them. Setting goals, creating step-by-step to-do lists, identifying objectives, and then actually executing them—these can feel like Herculean tasks. Yet, the world's most successful people all share a similar mantra: set a goal and consistently work towards it. From my own experience and that of my clients, I know that emotions often serve as roadblocks on the path to our goals. Sometimes, the mere thought of succeeding can subconsciously scare us away from even trying.

Using a tailored combination of goal-setting and procrastination hypnosis, I help my clients shift into the right mindset to get things done. We break down the emotional barriers that often impede progress, and then we celebrate each small victory, one by one. The journey may be challenging, but the joy of achieving what once seemed unattainable makes every step worth it.

Picture yourself, a year from now, living the dream you've been postponing. With hypnotherapy, this vision could be your reality. By planting seeds of motivation and self-discipline directly into your subconscious, hypnotherapy helps you passionately pursue your goals. It's like having a motivational speaker whispering in your ear, but this one lives in your mind and knows you better than anyone else.

Axel is here to offer you support, SMS us on 0422548770. Or book your first appointment: Mr Axel Starviking - Hypnotherapist - book an appointment (

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