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Unleash Your Potential as a SHC Hypnotherapist

Unleash Your Potential as a SHC Hypnotherapist! Join the Class of 2024 and embark on a transformative journey! Enrollment is open for our upcoming classes that January/February 2024, and graduate by December 2024.

The Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Course goes above and beyond expectations, we offer a Counselling Course within the Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Certificate, with a strong focus on Addiction Support.

Dive into a wealth of resources with our 600+ page Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Study Guide, This guide covers everything: from the history and theory of hypnosis to the practical application of hypnotic techniques for a variety of issues, including anxiety, pain management, and addiction. You'll learn how to conduct effective hypnotherapy sessions (you would need to study with us, and become certified to do this) and provide ongoing support to yourself, or your clients.

You will need to also purchase the accompanying Hypnotherapy Scripts Book, both available on Amazon or, via us directly.

We cover 25 Hypnosis scripts included in the Student Guide, deep diving into each script. Learning about Induction, Suggestion, Counselling, Past Life Regression, Quit Smoking Support, Body Scans, Trauma Release, Boundaries, Procrastination, Pathfinding / Goal Setting, Medical Pain Management, Period Pain Relief, Weight Control, Birthing Support, Child Hypnosis: Anxiety, Anger, Bulling, Night Terrors and more... These 25 Scripts are in the Script Book for you to use when you open your clinic.

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to become a skilled Hypnotherapist, join the 2024 Class now and pave your way to success!

Our #ClassOf2023 have had an incredible experience and have gone from strength to strength this year. Seeing their confidence in themselves grow, has been an honour, and we are so excited for our #ClassOf2024 to arrive!

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