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The Journey to Sobriety Starts Here

ACHOHOLISM SUPPORT The journey to sobriety is often fraught with emotional and psychological challenges that go beyond the physical dependency on alcohol. That's why, when these two clients initially came in for smoking cessation but later opened up about their struggles with alcoholism, it was a critical turning point. I don't underestimate the weight of the trust they placed in me, nor the courage it took for them to confront these deeply ingrained habits and traumas. The process of hypnotherapy for alcoholism is intricate, involving much more than just curbing the desire to drink. It's about dismantling the harmful belief systems, ideologies, and patterns of behaviour that contribute to the addiction. It involves exploring past traumas and triggers that may be sustaining the dependency.

Watching these individuals transform, witnessing their journey from denial or minimalisation to awareness and action, is profoundly moving. It's not just about quitting alcohol; it's about rediscovering themselves, reclaiming their lives and their rightful space in the world. When I see them out in public now, looking healthier and happier, even if it's just a small wave or a knowing smile, it's a rewarding reminder of the resilience and strength of the human spirit.

Yes, the pathway to sobriety can be lonely, filled with internal and external battles. That's why it's essential for them to know that they're not alone. While I can guide and support them, it's ultimately their journey, their transformation, and they are the heroes of their own story. Witnessing them rescue themselves is not just a testament to their strength but a deeply fulfilling aspect of my work as a hypnotherapist.

The journey from addiction to sobriety is seldom straightforward. It's like walking through a maze where every turn could either bring you closer to the exit or push you deeper into the labyrinth. Hypnotherapy, in combination with other support systems, can serve as a powerful tool in your arsenal against alcoholism. By targeting the subconscious triggers and emotional gaps that often fuel addiction, I help clients find healthier coping mechanisms. It's a monumental shift, one where the bottle loses its grip on you, and you regain control over your life. Axel is here to offer you support, SMS us on 0422548770. Or book your first appointment: Mr Axel Starviking - Hypnotherapist - book an appointment (

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