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Social Media Anxiety (Entrepreneurs)

Social Media is a necessary evil. In order to be seen in business, you need to be actively creating interesting content, replying to comments and tags, following up on and closing leads and deals. Planning ahead and also fulfilling the job role that you have carved out for yourself. Work Fatigue, Anxiety, Stress, Burn Out, Fear and Worry are the main reason so many new businesses fail. "On sites such as Facebook, it is often expected that users will become friends with people that they know in real life. People with social anxiety may, therefore, have fewer connections or trouble meeting new people.​ Individuals with social anxiety who have low self-esteem may express themselves in ways that are not appealing to others, making others less drawn to connecting with them - - - Seeing all of the great things your Facebook or Twitter friends are posting about may make you feel left out or inadequate. Same thing for seeing how many "likes" or comments others get on their posts compared to your own." - by Arlin Cuncic

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