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Restoring our Canvas: A Metaphor for Therapy

I have been watching Baumgartner Restoration lately, and the videos below left a lasting impression on me as a Therapist. Today, without even thinking, I used the metaphor of an ancient canvas being restored with one of my very precious Clients.

I was relating to the fact that while in therapy, once the layers of protection we set in place start to crack, it can sometimes feel like we are going backwards, instead of forwards.

But I realised that it was all part of the restoration process. Just like old canvases can be 'patched and restored' incorrectly over time (new techniques are discovered all the time and outdated techniques are now not the best practice) It is exactly how we have 'patched and restored' our emotional and spiritual canvas over the years - to fix tears and breaks.

And that, just like those old restorers, we sometimes have used outdated methods, which can look ok on the surface, but are a mess just below that.

I then mentioned that when therapy starts, it's as if we are applying solvents and using techniques for removal of layers. And that, just like the videos below, sometimes the patch job hides bigger issues and pains - that are most often a total surprise!

once those therapeutic solvents and techniques start to work, these hidden layers and patches start to rise to the surface.

And despite the extra time and effort this requires... its an opportunity to correctly fix the canvas, so that it lasts the rest of our lives.

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