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Procrastination is Ruining Your Chances

PROCRASTINATION SUPPORT - Ah, procrastination, my old frenemy. Having been diagnosed with ADHD only recently, it was like lifting a veil that had clouded my understanding of this lifelong nuisance. I didn't realise that procrastination is often a form of "demand avoidance," a protective mechanism against the fear of failure. Nor did I know that for someone with ADHD, tackling "boring" tasks can actually slow down blood flow to the brain—it's essentially a disability.

I turned to procrastination hypnosis and motivational hypnosis, often paired with anxiety relief techniques. The results were astonishing—I found myself breezing through tasks I'd been putting off. Armed with a procrastination hypnosis script that I deeply believe in, as well as the right diagnosis and medication (interestingly, blood pressure tablets), I've been a whirlwind of productivity. I've authored and published several nonfiction books and even a novel in the past year!

That said, there are still a few "doom piles" growing around my house as I speak. Good thing I've got my trusty procrastination hypnosis to help me tackle them!

Imagine you have a mountain of tasks that loom over you like an insurmountable peak, and then one day, you find yourself effortlessly gliding through them. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Procrastination is often not a mere 'laziness problem,' but a complex emotional hurdle. Through hypnotherapy, I help clients delve deep into their subconscious minds to uncover the root cause of their procrastination. Using techniques such as guided imagery and positive affirmations, we redefine your relationship with time and productivity. The transformation from a chronic procrastinator to a motivated go-getter is nothing short of thrilling for me to witness.

Axel is here to offer you support, SMS us on 0422548770. Or book your first appointment: Mr Axel Starviking - Hypnotherapist - book an appointment (

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