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Dive into a World of Color and Rhythms with Axel

Hey art enthusiast! Ever thought of combining groovy beats with vibrant paints? Well, Axel's here to whisk you away on a unique journey that's not just about painting, but an entire sensory experience. Imagine swaying to the smooth sounds of bossa nova, getting into the groove with samba, and feeling the irie vibes of reggae as your brush meets the canvas.

Your BYO paint party is not just another event; it's THE event, an unforgettable soirée with Axel's curated global beats setting the tone. Not only will you immerse in the joy of painting, but every attendee gets a portrait photograph, a beautiful memento capturing both the artist – that's you! – and the masterpiece.

It's hassle-free fun: a vivacious painting party right in the comfort of your home or your chosen venue. Picture this – a circle of 6 to 10 excited participants, each with a canvas, a set of paints, brushes, and an easel, ready to dive into an ocean of creativity. All you need to bring is your choice of drink, and let yourself loose for 90 minutes of guided artistic merriment.

With Axel Starviking leading the charge, not only will you be treated to delightful world music, but you'll also discover the artist within you. By the end of the night, you'll be holding an original painting, your very own creation, as a testament to a night of laughter, art, and music.

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