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Discover The Ultimate Hypnotherapy Curriculum Down Under

Venturing into the world of hypnotherapy is an enthralling journey. While there are several places to delve into this field, our institution, painstakingly and time-consumingly inspired by some of the best Australian hypnosis recommendations, offers something genuinely unparalleled. Dive into the unique facets of our curriculum and find out why it's the ideal stepping stone for budding hypnotherapists.

A Deep Dive into the World of Hypnotherapy

Our course layout isn't just another curriculum; it's a crafted journey from novice to expert. Beginning with clarity - our Onboarding/Q&A session ensures every student starts with clear understanding and enthusiasm. Every question is a window to knowledge, and we're here to unveil it all. We delve into the fundamentals - mastering Inductions & Suggestions is crucial. It's the bedrock of hypnotherapy, teaching students how to usher clients into a receptive state and implant transformative suggestions.

We navigating the human psyche together - our Counselling Series, which stretches across four intensive levels, is a deep dive into understanding and guiding human emotions. It culminates in a hands-on practical exam, offering students a taste of real-world challenges. We ustilise specialised techniques for modern challenges - from combatting Anxiety to empowering clients to Quit Smoking, we delve into specific challenges that resonate with today's society, ensuring students are ready for contemporary client needs. You will feel confident and supported as you step out into your own therapeutic journey.

We also journey beyond this life - our Past Life Regression module offer a tantalising exploration into the mysteries of existence and past experiences, an area that intrigues many and offers profound therapeutic benefits. And finally, scripts - the heartbeat of our course - the Scripts section of our Student Guide is truly the centrepiece. Spread across seven enriching segments, students are walked through 25 meticulously crafted hypnotherapy scripts, ranging from 'PMR & The Clearing' to 'Natural Birth Support & Children's Hypnosis'.

Exclusive Insights Only We Offer

Where we truly shine, is in our exclusive offerings:

The Realities of Clinical Practice - It's one thing to master techniques, but what about the real-world logistics of starting a practice? With Legalities & Practicalities of Clinical Set Up, we fill this crucial gap, prepping our students for success not just in therapy but in business.

The Ultimate Guide - Our 600+ Page Student Guide isn't just a book; it's a bible for our students. Laden with detailed scripts, this guide is an invaluable companion for any aspiring hypnotherapist.

The culmination of our course isn't just about certificates. Our Graduation Ceremony is a celebration, a moment to relish achievements and look forward to a future filled with promise and success. In conclusion, choosing the right path in hypnotherapy is akin to selecting the best foundation for a house. Our curriculum, brimming with depth, exclusive insights, and real-world relevance, is designed to mould students into top-tier hypnotherapists. Your future beckons, and it's looking brighter than ever with us.


Onboarding / Q&A



Counselling I

Counselling II

Counselling III

Counselling IV

Practical Exam: Counselling


Practical Exam: Anxiety

Quit Smoking I

Quit Smoking II

Practical Exam: Quit Smoking

Past Life Regression I

Past Life Regression II

Practical Exam: Past Life Regression

Scripts Book I: PMR & The Clearing

Scripts Book II: Full Body Scan & The Train

Scripts Book III: UV Release & Awakening Self

Scripts Book IV: Weight Control & Procrastination

Scripts Book V: Goal Setting & Boundaries

Scripts Book VI: Pain management & Period Pain

Scripts Book VII: Natural Birth Support & Children's Hypnosis

Practical Exam: Scripts Book

Legalities & Group Discussion

Practicalities & Group Discussion

Graduation Ceremony

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