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Anchoring in Positive Change | Free Hypnosis

**EQ'd for Headphone Use**

Anchoring Positive Change | Sleep Hypnosis | FOR MY CLIENTS [FREE]

Anyone can use it to anchor in positive change, especially if you've listened to any of my other Hypnotherapies. It will magnify the positive effects of the ones you've heard, and also is filled with beautiful affirmations, NLP and CBT elements as well as some Gestalt suggestions.

This is also, and especially, for my clients, to listen too in between sessions.

So... hey guys... I'd like to welcome you to this beautiful sleep hypnosis (which is a guided self-hypnosis that you can use at any time) which can assist you in reducing anxiety symptoms and will also help you to settle into a better and more comforted way of life.

You can listen to this Sleep Hypnosis as often as you need too, while it is recommended that you listed daily for 28 days, to see lasting and effective relief from Anxiety in your daily life.

This hypnosis can also assist with sleep issues, helping to calm you with your subconscious mind - your greatest helper. It can start to calm over active thoughts, nervous tension and energy in the body, night-time or day-time fears and stresses, and can help to soothe ptsd symptoms as well.


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