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Meet Your Therapist 
Axel Sigur Starviking

"For most of my life I allowed my trauma to infiltrate every aspect of my joy. It was there and ever present, at weddings, dinner parties, even sometimes in the middle of a nice warm hug - up it would pop... That's why I love removing Trauma's strength... overwriting those harsh memories and creating warm, inviting and comforting ones to cover over them! I love seeing trauma, sadness, anxiety, weight issues, sexual issues, fears, PTSD and addiction disappear. And all while my clients rest and 'sleep' through the session...."

I was previously known as Sandy Bigara, but changed my name in 2021 to Axel Sigur Starviking! Axel means Father of Peace, and Sigur means Victorious Guardian. I am originally from South Africa, grateful to be an Australian citizen, living on the Central Coast of New South Wales.


I have created a safe, secure sanctuary online, and also in my clinical space in Buff Point where I am working from - a space for connecting to self and bringing about healing in whichever area you need it in. We work as a team, you and I, and you are cared for and supported on your journey to health. Whether mental, physical or spiritual. Each session includes beautiful imagery, relaxation and joy-increasing ego-boosting positive hypnotic suggestion: which leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed at the end of your appointment. 

Understanding that all Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis, is the key to success - that, and knowing that you are the one brave enough to tackle issues that plague you.  My role as the Hypnotherapist, is to guide you, assist you, and remind you that you are safe, protected and supported on your journey on inner healing. An important part of the journey, is listening daily, to the recordings given to you. Daily listening brings about deep and lasting change. If you are committed to change, you will see change. 

I am also available via Whatsapp if you are needing a word of encouragement here and there, or if you want to stay accountable for whatever reason. 


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