On the Clinic Booking Site:

  1. There are a few Therapy Options in the menu when you tap "Book Appointment"

  2. Describe the one that suits your needs (although each client session is unique and tailor-made to suit your needs on the day) 

  3. If you are looking to Quit Smoking, the options are there in the menu.

  4. If you need any other kind of Hypnotherapy, select the first option "Hypnotherapy Session"

  5. The Rainbow Lotus LGBTQIA+ Support Sessions are in the menu. 

  6. You will be able to choose the date and time that suit you.

  7. If you need advice or help, please Whatsapp or sms +61422548770 (no phone calls please)

  8. Card details are captured as part of the booking process and payment will only be deducted when you have your session with Axel. 

  9. You will be sent an email confirmation and reminder

  10. You will also be sent an SMS reminder so that you don't miss your appointment. 

booking page.png