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Our Specials packages for 2022 are here!

At SHC we are all about GIVING!


Scroll down (below the Fine Print) to see which Specials we are running in 2021/2022!

Sit back, and enjoy a deep Progressive Muscle Relaxation, with Anxiety Reduction, and the specific therapy for each Special.

All that you need, is a Mobile device or computer, an internet connection, earphones used for receiving and making calls, and a safe place to relax. 

The Fine Print

  1. Each Special is listed in the booking menu HERE

  2. Specials are only available on the dates mentioned.

  3. In the booking menu, scroll to the month and date, and you will see available time slots there. 

  4. There are a limited number of sessions available for each Special, First in First Served. This is because we have other established clients who need to be able to book in for their regular Therapy. 

  5. Bookings can be made at any time.

  6. If the client does not notify the Clinic of any rescheduling within 24 hours of the booking, the Session will not be moved, and the fee will be deducted by the Clinic. 

  7. Credit/Debit Card details are entered during the booking process, but the fee will only be deducted automatically during the Session. 

  8. Starviking Hypnotherapy Clinic reserves the right to terminate a session if there is good reason to do so.

  9. A good mindset, and willingness to take part fully in this immersive experience, will guarantee you a unique and meaningful Session.

Jan 2022 Special al TEXT.png
Feb 2022 Special TEXT.png
May SpecialSpecial.png
June 2022 Special al TEXT.png
Aug Special TEXT.png
OCT 2022 Special.png
Nov 2021 Special TEXT.png
Dec 2021 Special TEXT.png
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