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What SHC Offers:
Clinical Therapy Sessions 


This first session may or may not include Hypnosis, there may be light hypnosis, and there will be Psychotherapy with elements of NLP.  The first session is a very important one, we set expectations, and lay the groundwork for future sessions using pre-hypnotic suggestion. We work together to find out what it is that you truly would like to accomplish with Hypnotherapy. You should see a change from the first session. 

1st Hypnotherapy Session


For your first session, and any one-off sessions, no minimum booking. 

Use this option to book your appointment, and make sure to write down what Hypnosis you feel you're needing in the notes section of the booking process.


Axel will decide which of the following (or combination of the following) will work for your need in your session, they are entered below just for interest's sake. 


The Clearing SHC Script

(Free flow scaffolding for use in any instance, also perfect for ongoing Quit Smoking sessions) 

Full Body Scan SHC Script

(Light Hypnosis) 


The Train SHC Script

(Trauma Quick Release Light Hypnosis)

Ultra-Violet Release SHC Script

(Tension and Release PMR & Release of Stored Trauma) 


Awakening Self SHC Script

(Re-Joining the Self)

Quit Smoking SHC Scripts


Anxiety SHC Script

(Relieving mild to severe anxiety) 


Procrastination SHC Script

(This script is perfectly paired with the Path Finder script and the Pain Management script as a three-part program) 


Path Finder SHC Script

(Setting Goals) 


Past Life Regression SHC Script

(This is a semi free flow script with guidelines)

Pain Management SHC Script

(This is an ever-evolving script and will be updated over time until it is at its highest ability to resolve ongoing pain) 


Period Pain SHC Script

(Pain control specifically from the womb and cramps that happens as a result of Menstruation. Deals with fear-based expectations of Period Pain) 


Period Pain LGBTQIA+ SHC Script

(Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming) 


Weight Control SHC Script

(Encourages the client to look for healthier food options for either weight gain or weight loss) 


Natural Birth Support SHC Script

(An empowering birthing script)

*Plus Halaxy's transactional payment processing fee - maximum cost 2% + $1 per transaction

  1. Tap on the underlined therapy header that you're needing, and you will be taken directly to our Halaxy Booking Software.

  2. Quit Smoking - Please book all 4 sessions upfront. Payment is only deducted during the Hypno session. 

  3. For any other type of Hypnotherapy, you can write your needs during the booking process, please choose "1st Hypnotherapy Session" 

  4. Fill out the Client History Form that you will receive. 

  5. You will receive booking confirmation via email and SMS. 

  6. You will receive automatic reminders via email and SMS.

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