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Personal Note

How I raise funds to keep therapy prices down for my clients.

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There are sometimes month's on end where I work 7 days a week for something that I truly believe in.


Do I regret it? Nope.

I am already booking up my weekends as we speak!

Below is just a hint of how I manage to keep my therapy fee's low, so that my clients can afford regular therapy... 

It is so important that clients invest in regular therapy sessions, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Current therapy costs across Australia mean that we have a Mental Health Crisis on our hands. 

Here at SHC I am determined to make therapy accessible to as many people as I can, while also training up SHC Therapists who will work with the same ethic - helping as many people as possible.

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Not many people know, but I work most weekends doing Creative Support Service work in the form of Face Painting (and other Creative work) to raise enough money to offset the cost of therapy at my clinic. Raising funds by using my skills and hobbies allows me to focus on developing better Hypnosis scripts, developing my Hypnosis School and providing free self-guided sleep hypnosis videos for people who cannot afford therapy. 

Based on the fact that a lot of people are facing increased costs, electricity, food, rent and home repayments. I made the decision to lower my rates from the standard $150 - $220 per session, to a more affordable tiered system of $67 - $100 for Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy, and the standard rates for Quit Smoking are between $450 - $1500 depending on the area and therapist. I offer Quit Smoking for $200 first session, and $100 for second session. Because everyone deserves a chance to heal.  

You can Book IN-CLINIC or ONLINE therapy sessions, I also offer TELEPHONIC for those who have weak date signals or are not able to travel or use technology. 

After the initial two sessions - did you know that Quit Smoking Revision and Motivation can be incorporated into the Year of Change, and the Intensive Change 01, Intensive Change 02 and Intensive Change 03, so that any lingering addiction is removed to a degree that the client is happy with.


This has already encouraged existing clients to really invest in themselves and commit to ongoing therapy. Those who are already doing so, are seeing the benefits in their health, their relationships and in their work and home environments. 

I wish you well with your healing journey, and hope that I may be a part of that - getting front row seats to your epic adventure and you change the course of your life. 

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In my case, I never realised that all it took was to fall into this kind of relaxed half sleep. Waking up feeling amazing, and then realising as the days went by, that things that usually got to me... just weren't anymore. Pretty damn incredible. Even if I do say so myself...


Take care of yourself, 


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